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AWI Winery of Texas

Our 2017 Red Wines (Recovered from the ashes)

Life is full of challenges and our 2017 red wines have been challenged like any of our other vintages.  In July 2019, the storage facility in the Uco Valley, where our wines were bottle aging, was destroyed by a fire caused by the Zonda winds.  While we lost more than 70% of our 2017 wines, our winemaker was able to identify a portion of the wine that was not damaged by fire.  We are pleased to share these "Survivors" with you.  Enjoy

This wine is a survivor.

Beautiful Bordeaux blend.  50% Merlot, 12.5% Malbec, 12.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12.5% Cabernet Franc and 12.5% Petit Verdot

91 pts by Tim Atkins

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A true survivor from our 2019 warehouse fire.

Slightly toasted but also an outstanding Cabernet from Argentina.

Fire toasting - is this another wild idea?

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Iconic Malbec that is up to the challenge.

Recovered wine that has been "Gently Toasted"

100% Malbec

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