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AWI Winery of Texas

Join the AWI Kiss Club

How does it work?   

Simple.  We will send you a reminder 3 times per year, in January, March and November, you order 4 bottles (or more) of any our wines in stock, receive a 20% discount and continue to enjoy our AWI Wines.

Do I need to purchase wine each time you send me a reminder? 

We realize that you may occasionally find yoursealf with too much wine (is there such a thing?) and need to delay a shipment.  No problem.  We will simply send you a reminder for the next wine club order.  We don't judge.....

How do I get started? 

Simple.  Just go to the shopping tab and order the red, white or rose wine that you want.  Remember you can order more than 4 bottles and still receive the 20% club discount. 

When you go to check out simply use promo code  AWIKISSCLUB for your initial order as well as all future orders.  We will be able to capture your contact information when you check out.

Welcome to the AWI KISS Wine Club.